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    A selection of choice, lettuce, tomato, pickle, purple onion

    * There is an option for a gluten-free bun

    DUKEBURGER 220g 61 ₪ | DUKEBURGER 330g 71 ₪ Double DUKEBURGER 440g 79 ₪

    On the hamburger:

    Emmental cheese 10 | Sainte maure cheese 12 | Smoked Goose breast 20 | Bacon 12 | Caramelized onions 8 | Fried egg 7 | Mushrooms 10 | Garlic confit 10 | Fig jam 8


    Eggplant Surprise 48 ₪

    Eggplant ball stuffed with black eggplant cream, spicy tomato salsa, parsley, garnished with tahini

    Cauliflower florets 51 ₪

    Eggplant ball stuffed with black eggplant cream, spicy tomato salsa, parsley, garnished with tahini

    Liver Pate 51 ₪

    French-style, served with fig jam in red wine and pistachio paste, served with grilled bruschettas

    Bavaria Sausages 59 ₪

    Beef, Chicken and Gouda cheese sausages

    Beets 54 ₪

    Red and yellow beet slices, crème fraiche, walnuts, caramelized Sainte Maure cheese, small radish, oregano and honey

    Arais 61 ₪

    Half pitas stuffed with classic kebab and lamb fat


    Artichoke Salad 62 ₪

    Assorted aragula leaves, cherry tomatoes, small radish, red onion, on a bed of labneh and roasted vegetable salsa

    Chicken Caesar salad 63 ₪

    Lettuce hearts, croutons, pine nuts, Parmesan with chicken

    Caesar Salad 49 ₪

    Lettuce hearts, croutons, pine nuts and Parmesan

    Endive salad 67 ₪

    Gorgonzola (blue cheese), Chinese pecans, cranberries, dried figs, slices of apple and citrus vinaigrette sauce

    Market Salad 53 ₪

    Mixed Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, Calamata olives, small radish, mint leaves and walnuts, sheeps' Feta cheese with a touch of zaatar olive oil and lemon


    Duke Kids' Burger 57 ₪

    150gr, without doneness (comes MW) and without onion, served with a side dish of your choice

    Pasta 41 ₪

    Spaghetti in tomato / cream / rose sauce

    Chicken Nuggets 48 ₪

    150gr with beer dough coating, served with a side dish of your choice

    Schnitzel 41 ₪

    Schnitzel, served with a side dish of your choice


    Corned beef Sandwich 61 ₪

    Sliced corned beef, Emmental cheese, pickled onion, tomato lettuce, aioli sauce, served with French, Cajun or sweet potato fries

    Steak Sandwich 71 ₪

    Strips of beef fillet, grilled on the planchet, caramelized onion, ground chili, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, curry mayonnaise sause, served with French, Cajun or sweet potato fries

    Schnitzel sandwich 53 ₪

    Schnitzel, lettuce, tomato, pickle, purple onion and aioli

    Chickpea sandwich 55 ₪

    Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, purple onion, pickle and aioli

    Short-rib Asado Sandwich 63 ₪

    Slow-cooked short rib beef with red wine, garlic and thyme, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled cucumber, aioli and mustered served with French, Cajun or sweet potato fries

    Chicken sandwich 51 ₪

    Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pickle and aioli

    Sea food

    Duke Shrimps 87 ₪

    12 Black Tiger shrimps, butter, olive oil, white wine, garlic, lemon juice, cherry tomato confit and parsley, served with a bread basket

    Salmon ceviche 67 ₪

    Avocado, tomato salsa, small radish, cubes of Salmon ceviche with red onion, coriander and hot chili

    Calamari on the Planche 69 ₪

    Calamari on the Planche

    Calamari Rings 63 ₪

    Fried and coated with a blend of home-made Cajun spices


    Potato fries 22 ₪ | Cajun fries 24 ₪ | Sweet potato fries 27 ₪ | Stewed/fried Beans 15 ₪ | ₪ Freekeh 14 ₪ | Green Salad 14 ₪ | Mashed potatoes 15 ₪ | Broccoli and pea 14 ₪ | Potatos Chunks 29 ₪

    For deliveries:

    Duke-Pub.co.il | 04-8347282

    Delivery fee 15 NIS – Minimum order 120 NIS

    Unusual area 22 NIS – Minimum order 150 NIS

    You can also order from our rich selection of drinks and beer

    Main Dishes

    Chicken Livers 65 ₪

    Stir-fried with red onion in Marsala wine and butter sauce served on mashed potato bed

    Grilled Spring Chicken 70 ₪

    In herbs marinade served with stir-fried blanched beans

    Short Ribs Asado 77 ₪

    Short rib and beef breast slow-cooked in red wine, onion and thyme served on a bed of mashed potatoes

    Giant Schnitzel 69 ₪

    Coated with breadcrumbs, just like at home, served with mashed potatoes

    Chicken Nuggets 71 ₪

    300 gr chicken breast, coated with beer dough and breadcrumbs, served with French fries or Cajun fries

    Cordon Bleu 89 ₪

    Chicken breast stuffed with bacon, Parmesan, roasted pistachios and Dijon mustard, coated in breadcrumbs, served with mashed potatoes and mustard, blue cheese cream sauce

    Fish & chips 73 ₪

    Cod (hake) coated in a beer dough and fried Panko crumbs, served with crispy potato wedges, aioli, tartare and quarter lemon

    Salmon Fillet 85 ₪

    Seared on the grill and baked in the oven

    Bacon Wrapped Ham Filet 93 ₪

    Served with Hunters' sauce, truffles, mustard and cream with oyster mushrooms

    Smoked Goose Breast 145 ₪

    Slices of caramelized smoked goose breast served with a carrot cream, maple syrup, garnished with ground pistachios.

    Spaghetti Carbonara 69 ₪

    In cream sauce, bacon, black pepper, Parmesan and egg yolk

    Short Ribs and Tortellini Polenta 89 ₪

    Beef stock, butter, oregano, dried tomatoes and spinach

    Tortellini Polenta (vegetarian) 73 ₪

    Seared and stir-fried in a pan with oregano butter and white wine sauce, spinach leaves, dried tomatoes and Parmesan

    Pullet 79 ₪

    In a marinade of herbs with butter and caramelized in the oven with a citrus sauce, served with potato wedges


    Crack pie 39 ₪

    Soft and crunchy granola pie with toffee caramel and vanilla (20 seconds in the microwave)

    Chocolate Fudge 35 ₪

    Hot chocolate cake, stuffed with chocolate - inside and out (50 seconds in the microwave)

    Tarte Tatin 42 ₪

    layers of caramelized apples on a bed of special shortcrust pastry (1-2 minutes in the microwave)

    Pistachio Crunch 41 ₪

    Tartlet made from pistachio cookie crumbs and oats, with layers of caramel and soft pistachio

    Ice cream - pistachio / mascarpone / pretzel 49 ₪

    300 grams
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